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Great News:  Smart-BUS (G4) is Now available on this Website

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We are Specialized In:

Manufacturing of smart home automation, intelligent green building control Systems, led lighting & dimming, Flying Rack and Stage Lighing Dimmers control consules,  Heating Ventilation and Air conditioning control ( HVAC ), SmartBUS ( S-BUS ) and Complete BUS Din Rail Automation Control Solutions. ( KNX EIB , Guest Room Management Systems ( GRMS ) for Hotels, Smarthome Lifestyle and Energy saving Concepts. We are China OEM/ODM Suppliers for Door Access, Burgular security Alarm, CCTV and IP Cameras, Solar and Wind Electricity Generators, Building Management Systems ( BMS ), Industrial Automation PLC's, Commercial Building Systems, Back Ground Music ( BGM ), Public Address ( PA ), High Fedility Multi Room Audio Matrix Amplifiers, Digital Streaming, Indoor and Garden outdoor Speakers. Video on Demand ( VOD ) Home Theaters High End Entertainment systems. Wall Art Speakers, Motorized Shutters like Curtain, Drape, Blind Motors, Pool Protection, Crystal Glass Sockets and Outlets.



This is Great Technical Website Idea for All Installers Indeed
We like the Idea Of this B2B Website,We think it is a good outlet for Clearing out our Extra stocks. We Noticed that what we need as installers are all offered to us at reasonable Volume Price.

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